July-Concepcion Bay

Sea Of Cortez, Mexico

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1st July  Santo Domingo, Bahia Concepcion

We motored ½ and sailed ½ way from Santa Rosalia.  We are now at anchor. We got hit with our first Chubasco (Squall) which comes over from the mainland (East). It is ofter accompanied by thunder and lightning. It lasted about 1 ½ hours at up to 33knots and then an hour later we got a Chubasca from the South at 30 knots. I am sure the boat pointed in every direction. There were 11 boats in the anchorage so everyone was watching not only their own boat but those around them.

Next day everyone headed south into Concepcion Bay. Its nearly time to party!

Party time….get the flags out!

4th July!

Playa El Burro, Bahia Concepcion 1300Hrs....VHF Ch 16 “Attention Fleet, The Hotdogs Are Ready!”  So we jumped in our dinghy and headed towards the hotdogs. 3 Big Tents and a Pacifico Beer Tent. Geary and Sonia were cooking hotdogs for everyone. Everyone bought a plate so there were lots of salads.  Lots of standing/sitting/floating around talking and meeting other cruisers. Lots of beer drinking.  I should mention Geary is a legend around here and does the weather report every day on the Sonrisa Ham Net.  Every year, as cruisers head north he puts on a 4th July party.

This is Geary!  I love his hotdog hat.

About 30 yachts and some power boats were in attendance, all at anchor in front of the beach party.  Just after dark they let off fireworks 'Mexican' style. Some fireworks went up, then bang and....nothing.  Some fireworks didn't go up....they just went off.  Some fireworks made us wonder if they had blown themselves up.  But all in all there were enough successful ones and enough oohs and aahs to deem the fireworks a success.  Next show of the evening was Pit. Pit is an Australian who left home in 1994 and has travelled the world in 43 countries.   Along the way he learnt juggling and magic tricks and then combined it with fire to create a very entertaining show.

11th July

We hang around and visit some other anchorages in Concepcion Bay and then prepare for our across the Sea voyage to the mainland port of San Carlos/Guaymas.  We depart Domingo at 0400hrs and with calm seas and no wind, we motor the 75nm across the Sea.  With the fishing rod in its holder and lure trailing behind the boat we had  both success and failure. We caught 2 Dorado, and lost several. We caught and lost 1 Marlin. We lost 2 lures and 1 lure needs repairs. It was fun. 

 Then the dolphins joined us and once again we were having a totally awesome experience with them, as the boat steered itself on Autopilot and we hung out over the bow.  You can click here for Hyperlink to Movies  "Dolphins on the bow, San Carlos".


We left the boat at Marina San Carlos and caught a bus to Tucson, Arizona for a 3 night stay.   We need to renew our Mexican visas and will pick up some boat parts, nuts, lollies and other bits n pieces which are hard to get or very expensive in Mexico. It was a very successful trip and we get everything done that we needed to.

22nd July

Back in San Carlos and we are making the most of our Marina time catching up on some maintenance.  Craig is installing some cockpit lighting. I am committed to getting this website up and running.  Other jobs include fuel polishing, changing the coolant……getting some shade up, watching movies, drinking Margaritas….oh thats right they're not jobs are they?  We found the heat unbearable and we were unable to sleep at night until we went to Home Depot and bought a little window air conditioner that was on special.  Aaah I wish we did that 3 months ago.

LG - Life's a lot better with air conditioning in a Mexican summer.

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