Samoa 2014

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We are at anchor in Samoa harbour. There are 50 men on board this canoe including a drummer and the guy steering. When I pulled out the camera to get a photo, everyone laughed as the guy steering yelled out "Hello Baby!" Not what I was expecting but pretty funny.

There are plenty of churches and government buildings. They seem to contrast with the rest of the buildings around town.

29th July…..A visit to the Cultural Village was a highlight of the day. We learnt about the Samoan culture and way of life. It all revolves around family and extended family and their land is owned by the whole family. We, ours, us. When a girl is born into the family she is born "to be served" and when a boy is born into the family he is born "to serve". There is much to like about the Samoan way of life. Samoans have retained their ancient customs as nowhere else in Polynesia. fa'a Samoa is the Samoan way.

We saw how Tapa is made from the bark of a tree, learnt about the traditions, courage and committment of tattoos to the Samoans, how to build an Umu oven from hot coals and banana leaves; ate the cooked food of fish, breadfruit, taro leaves soaked in coconut milk & wrapped in breadfruit leaves; tried our hand at weaving palm fronds, watched the wood carvers and enjoyed performances of songs and music.

Building an umu oven. Hot coals and banana leaves layered with food. The men do the cooking. Sounds good to me.

The naval to knees tatoos are a visual badge of courage as it takes many highly painful sessions to complete the tattoo. Once the tattooing begins, it cannot end until completed or the subject will be permanently marked with dishonour.

An overnight trip to nearby Savaii Island begins with a ferry trip…..

Craig and I joined up with newly engaged Dell & Yee from S/V Chiara Stella. The plan was to share taxi & hire car expenses for an overnight trip to nearby Savaii Island. Accommodation was booked and we stayed in a Samoan style fale which included dinner and breakfast.

An open air fale with mosquito netting around the bed. Its right on the beach.

The view from our bed. We slept well with only the sounds of lapping water on the beach.

Sightseeing during the day took us through traditional villages, to waterfalls, blowholes, lava fields & swimming with turtles.

The locals entertain the tourists by throwing coconuts in the blowhole. The coconut blows high into the air. Of course, the higher the coconut goes the more entertaining it is.

Turtle time....I went for a swim with the turtles. It was fun. They get up close and a little too personal when they nip your toe or your bottom. It seems like they have a bit of fun of their own.

We were not planning on coming to Samoa but we are very pleased that we did. We have learnt alot about their culture and found the Samoan people to be very genuine, warm and friendly. We didn't get to see and do everything we wanted to but did more than what we originally thought we would. We could easily come back here.

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