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21st November La La La Paz…..this time we know lots of people and it is abit like coming home. The marinas are all completely full and there are hundreds of boats, including us, who are anchored out. It is party town with everyone wanting to eat out, meet up for drinks, coffee, activities and get togethers. It's peak season and it's in full swing.

4pm was the start of the annual Baja HaHa Welcome to La Paz Party which included a Mexican buffet, music from the local Mariachi band, Mexican folklore dancing and partying afterwards. The entertainment was superb and a great evening was had by everyone.

The Mariachi band are great entertainers

and I loved the folklore dancing.

18th November La Paz Just arrived! And yes we have internet access again!

17th November Carlita Partida via Isla Islotes

Yesterday we departed Isla San Francisco and headed to Isla Espiritu Santo. We sailed some of the way and as the wind died we started the motor. The seas were calm and as we approached the northern end of Isla Partida we noticed on the Chartplotter that we were only about 6nm from Isla Islotes.

This island is famous for its sea lion rookery. The California sea lions found here are internationally protected marine mammals and because so many commercial and private boats come here the seals are used to having alot of visitors.

Los Islotes - A very popular spot with divers and snorkelers

For us, it was just a matter of where and how to anchor. At Los Islotes it is 65 feet deep around the island with a rocky bottom and the Guidebook says it is wise to leave someone on board. None of this suited us so we were pleased when we saw a boat depart Ensenada el Embudo, a nearby anchorage which is a tiny V-shaped cove with room for only 1 boat. Perfect! We dropped anchor there and it was about a 1mile dinghy ride out to Los Islotes. It was fantastic. See our "Movies" page for "Sea Lions Play!" If you haven't watched any of our movies yet then make this one your first. The pups are very cute and playful.

15th November Isla San Francisco

Fine, white sand beaches and crystal blue waters are just too inviting to resist at Isla San Francisco.

This is a very popular anchorage because it is only 44nm from La Paz. The island has a choice of several anchorages depending on the wind and swell and also good hiking, snorkelling and fishing. Craig is finding the water a bit chilly at 26 degrees celcius.

12th November We kept thinking the forecasted winds of northwest 17 knots would arrive and we could sail south to San Evaristo but in the end we motored the 30nm. At about 3pm and 10 minutes before we dropped anchor the winds arrived.

The highlight of the day was unexpected and came when we saw Sperm Whales lounging at the northern end of the San Jose Channel. There were lots of them and they were all spread out. Whilst we were keeping an active lookout we were joined by dolphins at the bow.

How hard can it be to get a good photo of a sperm whale?

Or a good photo of the dolphins on the bow? Lots of photos but all with their head in the water!

10th November The calm before the winds arrive. Tucked in and waiting at Agua Verde. Roca Solitaria can be seen on the top right hand side of the photo in the background.

Roca Solitaria - which according to our Navionics Charts doesn't exist in this location. There is no rock here! That could be a problem if you are travelling at night and relying solely on your electronic Navionics Charts. We have found several inaccuracies in our electronic charts and they should not be relied on for exact navigation in Mexico. However, we do use ours all the time in conjunction with reliable cruiser's guidebooks such as Sea Of Cortez by Shawn Breeding and Heather Bansmer or Charlie's Charts. Normally I would say "check your charts" but most of the existing Mexico government nautical charts are inaccurate from 0.5 to over 1 nm and it would seem likely that Navionics has relied on these charts for their electronic version.

We were pleased the previous owners of True Blue V left these guidebooks on board. We have used Sea Of Cortez nearly every day. I am sure we will do the same with Pacific Mexico as we plan to travel to the mainland in December.

Cactus and wildflowers blooming after the rain.

8th Novermber Agua Verde

We arrived in Agua Verde and are currently anchored with 11 other boats in the northern bay. We are expecting a strong northwest wind to arrive Monday and last for a couple of days. So the northern bay is the preferred anchorage to get protection from sea fetch and swell.

In the meantime Bill and Julie from 'Voyager' organised a dinghy raft up.

Our first 'dinghy raft up'.

Dinghies arrive and we all tie up together enjoying a few drinks, some snack foods and conversation whilst watching the sun disappear behind the hills. The fishermen on the beach are getting ready to go out fishing for the evening.

Bluey at the dinghy raft up.

The fishermen heading out to work. Manuel the fisherman is well known to cruisers around Agua Verde as he will often stop by with lobsters for sale.

3rd November Puerto Escondido

Natalie from 'True Companion' organised a BBQ at the Hidden Port Yacht Club for Gravel's birthday. It was a very enjoyable lunch and was rounded off with a couple of beverages and a game of bocce.

Natalie, Gravel, Allan & Craig playing'Beer n Bocce'

True Blue V 2016