Tahiti 2014

July 4th…..Goodbye French Polynesia. Today is our last day here and tonight we are going into the village to watch the locals put on a show of dancing, music and drums. A grand finale to our 90 days in French Polynesia. We are getting the boat ready for a 5 day passage to Suwarrow Atoll, approximately 680miles west of Bora Bora. It will be our only stop before continuing on to Tonga.

Bora Bora….There are lots of hotels and resorts here to cater to the tourist. It is also the final check-out point for yachties departing Tahiti.

Checking out the town

Lift those heels Craig

June 23rd….Island time on Huahine

Craig checks out the local surf break at Huahine Iti.

Huahine Nui….. a relaxed island where we checked out the town of Fare.

The town of Fare on Huahine has a well stocked supermarket. We stocked up on bagettes and New Zealand rump steak which was the best steak I have had in a long time.

All of the French Polynesians love singing, dancing and music. They grow up with it and it is just their way of life.

Some local kids hanging out on a Saturday morning.

Moorea…..will be remembered for our time with the local stingrays, black tip reef sharks and snorkelling to see the sunken tikis. The stingrays were like friendly puppies, all over us and hoping to be fed. It was a bit overwhelming at first. I had a piece of fish in my hand and had stringrays trying to climb up me and follow me around. Back off buddy. I soon realised they like to be touched and really like to be fed. In the meantime, the water was full of black tip reef sharks cruising around not wanting to miss any of the excitement. I kept my hands close to my body.

This is the spot where everyone gathers each morning to play with the stingrays who are all waiting for a free feed. All the action is just beneath the surface. We did get some Go-Pro of it so I hope to share it soon.

Outrigger canoes are very popular and we see them everywhere we go. This guy tucked in and hitched a ride behind True Blue V as we were leaving Papeete. Tattoos are also the norm.

Tahitians love to dance….I went out last night with the "Carolinas" to see some Tahitian dancing at a local resort. Craig didn't come as he had had a challenging day and was happy to stay in. I hope we get to see a lot more of the singing and dancing before we leave French Polynesia.

The Tahitians were young and beautiful and the dances were lively and entertaining.

Photo time……gotta love Tahiti! That's "Chief" in the background.

L-R Steve, Carolina, Alyssa, Lewis, me, Craig, Tim, Deanne at "Happy Hour" Marina Taina, Papeete, Tahiti

Sorry, iMovies has "locked up" and doesn't want to play… no new movies until we can get it sorted. Hopefully that will be soon.

We just arrived in Papeete, Tahiti after a downwind, rolly 2 night passage. So glad to be here. The marina which holds 500 boats is full, all the moorings are full and everyone else (including us) is at anchor, where ever they can find a spot to squeeze in.

Sunset looking towards Moorea from Papeete.

True Blue V 2016