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Click on the Play button to listen to the song "True Blue" by Australian Artist John Williamson. We love it. We play it when we have Australiana nights, Australia Day, Anzac Day, or any day. We may play it when an Australian boat arrives in an anchorage, when we win an informal sailing regatta or as part of an explanation for what it means to be "True Blue" in Australia.

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Our intention here is to share our travels with our family and friends and anyone else interested in the cruising lifestyle. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to go to the West Coast USA, buy a boat, sail it to Mexico and back across the Pacific then welcome aboard!

We will endeavour to update this site whenever and wherever possible, although out here internet access is never guaranteed and often variable.


We hope you enjoy sharing our experiences and just maybe we might inspire some of you to release the handbrake (or should that be landbrake) and experience what this cruising lifestyle has to offer. Just as we were inspired by others before us.

Whatever your goals and dreams are we wish you the best in moving forward to make them happen.


About Us

Craig and Leanne Chalker left their busy city based life in Brisbane Australia to pursue their cruising dreams in September 2012.

To be honest we didn't fully realise just how high pressure and fast paced our lives had become until we stepped away. After 8 years in the planning the last weeks of packing away our land based lives and preparing to travel to the USA to buy a yacht were absolutely chaotic. Everything seemed to go down to the wire and at 7pm the night before our flight we were stressed out and feverishly trying to tie up the many loose ends. Thats the best thing about having a date….ready or not….you just have to go. Finally, the adventure begins……….

Craig Chalker…….I grew up in a small coastal town in Australia. That being the case, I was always attracted to the water and all things associated with it. Most of my younger years were spent surfing, fishing, diving and of course…. sailing. I had a couple of good mates who wanted to do some extended cruising when I was in my 20's and they suggested we pool our money, buy a boat and head off on an adventure! Unfortunately I had no money to contribute to the pool!!!

But the seed was planted….. so a couple of career moves and many years later we had planned and saved and it is now time to abandon the suits and our inner city lifestyle. Our new cruising life beckons…..

Leanne Chalker…..The decision to go sailing created a journey that had a life of its own. It was 8 years working towards a goal that came to fruition in 2012…....

Having never been on a boat before I had to learn how to sail. This was great fun and Craig and I met lots of great people at the local sailing clubs in Manly, Queensland. We did some RYA Courses with Southern Cross Yachting, racing which included the Inaugural Great Keppel Island race, Hamilton Island Raceweek and the local WAGS (Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing). We bought our own sailing boat which was a 31 foot Moody cruising yacht and sailed it on Moreton Bay whenever time, weather and work allowed.

I love Brisbane……...Me as Ferry Master on Brisbane River, Queensland

As part of this journey, I completed a Coxswain course and applied to Brisbane Ferries to become a Ticket Seller on their Citycats. This was very exciting as Brisbane Ferries have a complete career path that allows you to start as a Ticket Seller, become a Deckhand on the Citycats, a Coxswain on a 12m Ferry, a MasterClassV on a 15m Ferry and finally a MasterClassIV on a 25m Citycat. In 4 years with Brisbane Ferries I made it to a MasterClassV ticket with MED3. I learned a lot from my new maritime career & friends but alas the call to go cruising beckoned louder with each passing day. It was time. The flight was booked….

Bluey the duck…..My home is in the Laundry at Brickyard Cove Marina, Pt Richmond, CA. USA. The laundry overlooks the Marina and I have been dreaming of going sailing on one of those sailing boats. One day the Aussies arrived and I heard them say they were going to sail to Mexico and then across the Pacific, so I stowed away in their laundry basket…….

Hanging out in the laundry at Pt Richmond, California

I'm doing it…...

November, Agua Verde, Sea Of Cortez, Mexico, November 2013

True Blue V 2016